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Slice 28 of 365

Being the day it is you probably thought the title meant New Year’s Eve resolutions.

You would be wrong.

I mean resolutions as in resolving, issues, situations and TV series. I think resolution is a common human trait. People don’t want to wonder, they want answers, they want to complete the page, chapter, whatever it is.

I want answers.

I want answers to everything. That’s not going to happen of course and it’s not a very realistic view of the world. There will be somethings that will never be answered. Like why are there only eight hotdogs in a pack but ten buns? Do Twinkies really last forever? When is Brad Pitt going to save the world?

Some answers you don’t really want to hear. After a break up maybe you get, “It’s not you, it’s me.” That’s like a car accident, you don’t really want to look but you do any way. You want to know the reason for the split but you don’t really want to hear it especially if it really is about you.

It’s even worse when the person is just gone. Run away or worse yet died. I’ve had both of those happen and the unresolved issues still come back to haunt me at the most unexpected moments. The door stays closed and locked but suddenly a burst of wind blows open the window and down go the defenses and up go the hackles. The lack of answers is enough to drive me completely mad.

Those are situations we have very little control over. Writers, on the other hand, have full control over their use of resolution. My boys argue with me about this all the time. Our artistic views are definitely different and neither of us is wrong, well I’m not at least.

I’m pretty sure they think I’m part of the “dumbed-down” audience that too much of Hollywood writes for. It’s ironic because when I was kid my father used to say he didn’t want to think when he went to the movies he just wanted to be entertained. I don’t mind thinking about movies or TV but sometimes the story lines and amount of characters are just too insanely deep and complicated.

My kids are smarter than I am, that’s just fact but now it’s so easy for them to show it. My memory, reflexes, wit, etc. are a little slower these days and I’ll just never catch up to them again. The generation gap is a real thing and still exisits.

In my humble opinion I want to know what happens to the characters. Friends had a perfect ending, Ross and Rachel finally got together and Monica and Chandler had the babies. Everybody Loves Raymond had a great ending, there was nothing to resolve, it just faded out on the family having breakfast. And even before series finales were a big thing M*A*S*H stole the show with a beautifully resolved ending, the war was over and everybody but Klinger went home and that ironic story line was resolved as well.

The two that drive me crazy and are always in our debate (oh hell it’s an argument) are the series finale for Lost and The Sopranos. I hated them both and the boys rave about them and tell me I have to use my brain. The end of Lost makes no sense, take that with a grain of salt though because the whole series made no sense, and The Sopranos looked like it was a big build up to something and then cut to black, WTF! I’ll never watch another David Chase vehicle ever again.

I want my answers!

Until tomorrow…