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Slice 27 of 365

Work has been painstakingly slow lately. We live in kind of a rural place where there are very few cube farms. Most jobs around here would be in the service industry or in local government. Working at Starbucks or Home Depot wouldn’t come close to paying the bills.

Work has been slow several times this year so for a good portion of the year I’ve been looking for work and sending out resumes periodically. There’s a small glitch in the system though. Turns out I’m not trained or qualified to do a damn thing except work at the grocery store.

This is disappointing news.

You’d think after working for 30+ years that I might know how to do something.

Nope, turns out I really don’t.

I don’t even know how to type, I just do my own thing. The office world I left back in Jersey doesn’t exist here and what little of it is here pays about a third of what it did there.

I’ve applied for a part time job at the college, a full time state job at the Veteran’s hospital and several other big box stores. Haven’t heard a word.

So what to do to earn extra money?

Write? Yeah right.

Sell a kidney? I only need one if I recall. I’m not even sure I would call that solution a drastic one.

Become a gigolo? Hmmmm, around here I’m not sure of the clientele or their money.

Win the lottery? Yes! That must be the answer, right? Ok tomorrow I start buying as many tickets as I can, it seems like the only responsible thing to do. Publisher’s Clearing House would be just as good, I hope they’re reading this.

I’ll still write when I win, I’ll have plenty of time then. I won’t forget any of you, well maybe just a few.

Until tomorrow…