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Slice 25 of 365

I got a new game for Christmas called Scategories Categories. It’s a variant of the regular Scategories.

Since the kids are home for the holidays right now we’ve played a lot already since last week when I got it. It’s basically like the regular game but instead of different categories on your sheet and rolling a die for a letter you are given a phrase of which you use the letters and then just one category is given. So it is many letters to one category as opposed to one letter to many categories.

One of the rules is, if a player challenges another player’s answer it must be voted on. We were playing tonight and the category was burger toppings. One of the kids answered buns. It was challenged and the fighting began. This hasn’t been the only fight over the last week but it was probably the funniest.

The argument was that a bun goes on top of the burger. The counter argument was the burger comes with a bun, you don’t order a burger with pickles, onions and buns. And if you did order that would you get two buns? Or would they just look at you like you had two heads? We thought the latter.

What do you think? Is buns a topping?

So buns was unanimously voted down to a very unhappy player. In the next round that child used buns for every single answer. I’d like to say they’re nothing like me but lightning would strike me for such an obvious lie.

Until tomorrow…