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Slice 24 of 365

Writing everyday is exhausting and stressful. A stress that I put on my self by the way. I have a great respect and awe for writers but this task of writing everyday for a whole year has brought a new found light to the very far end of the tunnel.

I think all writers probably do write every day either because of deadline, habit or they schedule it.

Reporters have to meet deadlines which are in stone usually because of printing deadlines but with the internet stories can now be posted anytime from anywhere so it’s now more speed news than accurate news. Regardless of that writing so quickly and under pressure is unimaginable to me.

TV writers have to meet weekly deadlines. They have to be funny or dramatic every week or go bye bye. Who could possibly come up with so many ideas? Now I get it’s different writers on a lot of those shows but on the late night shows they have a staff of writers who have to be funny on a daily basis. That seems like a lot of stress.

Screen writers and novel authors may have fewer, less tedious deadlines but so many of them still crank out projects like water from a well. I read about them completing screenplays in a weekend and then moving right on to another project in a completely different direction.

I have lots and lots of ideas but I could never pump something out that fast plus I start to get lost when my brain runs faster than my fingers can type and then it’s gone.

I’m hoping maybe, like going to the gym exercises my body, that this project will strengthen my writing abilities. Guess we’ll see.

Until tomorrow…