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Slice 23 of 365

The last few days we have been playing an old video game. It’s an all in one unit called the Power Joy III. It just plugs into the TV and all the games, over 80, are just in the controller.

They are ripoffs of Nintendo games apparently with some names that are just slightly off, some way off and some used outright. With a little research I discovered that Nintendo sued these people and the games cannot be bought or sold anymore but I did see them listed on e-bay and Amazon so I don’t know.

It’s funny that with all the game systems the kids have now that they like playing this.

I got this for the boys when we first moved to AZ and our house wasn’t ready to live in yet (a whole other story). All our things were in storage including their playstation. This game was only $23.00, had a good amount of games to keep them busy and was easy to set up.

It wasn’t state of the art but it kept them amused in a rental house with no cable and not near anything. Eighty plus games was enough for them to explore and have fun even if the graphics look like they’re from the early 80s.

Another plus is I can play these games and sometimes still beat them!

Until tomorrow…