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Slice 21 of 365

Christmas Eve and It’s a Wonderful Life is faithfully on TV as I’ve come to expect every year. One of the Christmas traditions I can always rely on.

There are many great love stories and couples in the movie world but George and Mary definitely rate in the top ten. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed’s love is what everybody wants. And don’t say you don’t because we all know that you do.

I love that they know each other since childhood, it has a great sweetness to it. The fact that Mary knew all those years what she wanted and that she was going to get George no matter what shows me how deep her feelings went. She knew it was in George somewhere she just had to flush it out.

She believes in him so much that she’s willing to giving up their wedding money to save the Building and Loan. She didn’t care about a honeymoon, having George was enough and all she wanted.

With all of George’s bad days she stays right there by his side. He’s distracted and busy and doesn’t realize what he has in Mary until the end when she saves him. Ok Clarence really saved him in real-time but Mary is who really saved George and at the end he knew it.

Miracle on 34th St. is another one of my faves but I think It’s a Wonderful life just takes everything about life and puts it in a Christmas filled nutshell.

Until tomorrow…