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Slice 19 of 365

I am sitting here staring at the screen with no ideas. Zero, nada, nothing, a big fat goose egg. What do you do for writer’s block? Got me, if I knew that I wouldn’t be writing this.

I’m trying to think of funny stories or clever repartee but it’s making my head hurt. I don’t have any thoughtful, engaging or socially conscious agendas to push today.

It’s a Seinfeld day, it’s a blog about nothing.

Christmas is almost here and yesterday was baking day. I’ve been nibbling all day and sitting here on the couch with writer’s block is helping me stay away from the cookies. For now at least.

Too late, I put my iPad down and went for snacks. Such a George thing to do. Occasionally I’m more like Kramer, jump in too fast without thinking but my hair does look better and I do have a job.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m more like Elaine than any of them. That would be so very sad.

Maybe I should ask Larry David for help today. Although as I read and reread this I’m really covering nothing pretty well today.

I could be the master of my domain (opening, Kramer) I just choose not to.


Until tomorrow…