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Slice 18 of 365

So tell me, on this date 15 years ago, in 1999, what life changing event happened? I suppose many of you will not know because it didn’t change your lives. It changed my life. It changed my boy’s lives.

A dear, sweet, honest, caring women left this world far too early. Lisa May was wife, mother and friend. She had a hard, sheltered childhood filled with back issues from scoliosis. She had divorced parents and a mother who let’s just say was a bit off kilter, to put it mildly.


She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 in the fall of 1996 and was gone at age 36 leaving two boys, five and eight and of course me. I’d completely forgotten Mike had written this until I went searching for some pictures for this post.


It was a rough three years. The whole time I thought it was just a given that she would get better. People didn’t die of breast cancer any more. But one day after we thought it was over it turned out it had spread to her liver. That’s the day I knew it was really over.

15 years seems like so long ago I can’t even remember it well. It’s almost like it never happened or that it happened to somebody else and I just saw it all as a visitor from outside a window. Or maybe it was just a movie I saw 15 years ago and remember some parts more than others.

It’s not as hard a day as it used to be. So much of the pain and disbelief have dulled over the years. Also the boys are now adults so It’s easier to be alone now than it was then when I needed another set of hands.

It will always be the day she died. It will always be the day my children lost their mother. It will always be the day I lost my wife but on the bright side it’s also winter solstice so it’s also the shortest day of the year.

Until tomorrow…