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Slice 16 of 365

I vowed to write daily, I didn’t vow to make it long or good. There are several jokes buried in there somewhere and not very deep either.

It’s been a stressful, emotional week and I’ve got a pounding headache to boot. Plus I have to go to a dance recital tonight that I really have no desire to attend which makes me feel guilty because it’s my daughter’s recital. Regardless of it being her’s or not they are so fricken boring…

There are close to 40 dance numbers plus there are costume costs, a recital fee and on top of that we still have to buy $15.00 tickets. What a racket.

They also have to be dropped off an hour earlier than curtain time which means killing time somewhere.

I don’t mind wasting my own time at my choosing but I don’t like when other people do the choosing for me.

Well off I go, next post will be better.

Or not.

We’ll see.

Until tomorrow…