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Slice 14 of 365

Recently I published a book of short stories on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. I have 11 sales and four reviews in just over a week. I’m positive some of the sales and reviews are people I know but it’s kind of exciting knowing some may just be other people.

Publishing this way entails all self promotion. I am not very good at talking about myself or my work at all. And lets face it, erotica is not everybody’s cup of tea and it’s even harder to talk to friends about it. Cat’s out of the bag but it makes me feel like everybody sees me differently now.

I started with that genre because I had some stories left that didn’t get sold from a few years ago. Plus short stories are just easier to write to get myself out of the gate for right now. There are millions of books out there and so many writers taking this same route that the odds are very low of getting discovered.

Do I do it for the fame? No! I do it for the money! Ha! Yeah right, I’ve made $20.00 so far but it has only been a few days, I can’t really complain. I don’t want writing to be work and I don’t want to just be cranking out cookie cutter stories. (On that note I’m happy to take suggestions.)

I’ve already been asked several times if any of the stories are true and the answer is no. They are all made up although some of the names are of people I know and locations may have similarities to places I’m familiar with.

I’ve started a 2nd volume with a working title of Kisses in the Rain. The title is significant to me (you know who you are…) and that particular story may perchance be based on true events but no hint of real names for that one. You’re all dying to know now aren’t you? Nope, never gonna tell… More from fear of retribution than anything else.

Keep a close eye on Amazon for the next volume. Not sure how long it will take. I need to get on a regular writing schedule for it.

There’s always the possibility that I’ll use your name. You’ll have to get a copy just to see!

Until tomorrow…