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Slice 12 of 365

Tomorrow my second oldest, Joey, graduates from ASU.

I almost want to stop there because it’s so hard to even think about the rest. Another one leaving the proverbial nest to fly away on his own. He’s worked hard and he’s earned it.

I’ve been thinking about it everyday since they were little but it was so far away then. Slowly, day by day it came closer and closer and all of a sudden it was here. It’s not something you can ever prepare for. It’s not something anyone can explain to you. It’s just a club that happens, although I do sometimes hear of parents with older children still living at home who would love admission to this club.

I thought it might be easier after Mike graduated. Like maybe I would get used to it. That was a big fat fallacy. Parents all over say the same thing, “You’ll understand when you’re older.” Turns out some of those things you don’t want to understand because they end up smacking you in the ass hard. And contrary to popular belief I do not enjoy that, not hard at least.

Seems not so long ago I was that age with the world at my feet. I wasn’t even in college when I was 20 let alone graduating already. I was working at Marsala Hardware in Hillsdale and still living in my old room at mom and dads. Left the rents house the next year but never did get the degree. Wandered around, still wandering.

These days I’m not sure if the cost of going to school is worth it but regardless I’m so glad the boys have it under their belts. No matter what nobody can take that away from them.

Still five years off but I’m sure Becca will take the same route. A few more years of teen angst, another driver, another high school graduate and then…

One more bird yet to go.

Until tomorrow…