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Slice 11 of 365

Franz Liszt was a Hungarian composer who has nothing to do with this post I just liked the pun for the title.

Time snuck up on me today and racing around for an idea I went with a list. The online world is full of them these days so I went ahead and made my own. It’s more personalized than what you might find elsewhere and is by no means complete. So here we go.

Things I never need to hear about again:

Sara Palin

Any reality show (the news is reality TV folks and that’s stretching it)


Anything sports related, ESPECIALLY, football, baseball, basketball and NASCAR (except the Olympics and maybe pool and bowling)

Kardashians (Cardassians are perfectly fine)

50 shades of Gray

Organized religion (gambling aside of course)

Miley Cyrus

Lists (Yep, ironic ain’t it?) (10 things not to make lists about)

Facebook quizzes (what kind of dinosaur are you?)

American Idol

Dancing with the Stars

Channing Tatum

Saturday Night Live (hasn’t been funny in 30 years)

George Clooney’s wedding


Kate Middleton (actually the whole royal family in general)

Fox News

Dr. Phil

Too many choices in the world and all the above plus oodles more never need to pass by eyes ever again.

Until tomorrow…