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Slice 10 of 365

So yesterday I alluded to being in an exclusive relationship which was a surprise to me. I’ve been seeing someone on and off for over a year now. It’s ended twice for various reasons, communication and perception probably being the biggest reasons. We were having a discussion last week about exclusivity and I thought that’s all it was, a discussion. But apparently a decision was made that we were exclusive that I was accidentally made aware of just two days ago, a week after the initial discussion. I find this hysterical and you see now where the communication issues come up.

Not that I’m saying she’s a bad communicator we just don’t speak the same language, not even a little bit. Not hand gestures, not the Written word, nothing, nada. But that’s OK because she’s a sweet, kind, honest, smart, sexy (yep even though my or her kids might read this I’m saying sexy) lady who would never do me any harm and who would love me unconditionally.

She (and I’ll forgo the name for now for her protection, perhaps mine as well!) was a little embarrassed by just the small mention of her in yesterday’s blog. And even though I bet she’s red as a beet right now while reading this, I was assured it was ok to write about her/us. If it isn’t OK you know what tomorrow’s blog will be about…

So back to the commitment. Even though it was a surprise and a clear difference of the perceived conversation I’m OK with it. I don’t have any interest in seeing anybody else and apparently she doesn’t either.

Somehow it’s different this time. Einstein defines insanity as trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So this time it’s different and the results are different.

Until tomorrow…