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Slice 9 of 365

Did some shopping tonight. I usually enjoy shopping but when it’s holiday shopping people really can get nuts. It’s awful the way some people act in the store and especially the parking lots, when it’s suppose to be a season of peace and love, and that’s being said by an atheist.

Just had a few things to get. I usually have a plan when I go shopping but sometimes I browse if I’m lucky enough to find a slow time. A few things for the kids, something for my little bro, one more thing for my little peanut (AKA Emma) and perhaps bangles for the significant other that I accidentally found out just yesterday I’m in a committed relationship with (I’ll explain another day, perhaps as soon as tomorrow).

I like buying gifts for people I know well. Getting that perfect thing that they weren’t expecting is very satisfying.

People ask me what I want. My standard answer is I don’t need anything.

If I want nothing then I want for nothing.

And this answer is pretty much true. I have great kids who are healthy and happy (teenagedom aside), I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back (front too), food in the fridge and a job (so far, albeit painfully slow).

What else do I need? (My need to be right and win don’t count.)

I have some tangible wants now and again but they are few and far between and they’re just not worth it these days.

The intangible wants are much harder, world peace, world health, etc. and make me sound like a Miss America Contestant. Not sure I could pull off a two-piece bathing suit but I’m willing to try if it helps.

Well with that image in your head.

Until tomorrow…