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Slice 8 of 365

I’m a writer. I think…

What makes a writer?

One who writes is my first guess but is that actually true?

Are bloggers writers? Are daily journal entries writing? Or do you need to be paid for your writing services to be an actual writer?

I’ve been paid to write in the past and I’m still not sure if I’m a real writer. I’ve said it before, I think I like the idea of being a writer more than actually writing.

Both my sons are writing all the time. I have author friends who are writing all the time as well. Time, actually, is the enemy here. Not enough time and being inspired at the wrong times. Fear, is the other enemy. Fear of rejection is an awful thing. When auditioning for acting jobs I felt less rejected than when receiving writing rejections.

It comes and goes. There are so many times I get so into a character or a description of a place that the word “fun” isn’t enough to describe it. Turning that perfect phrase, making myself giggle or cry or writing the one line that I know all three kids might actually laugh at.

Then come the times where I read friend’s Facebook posts which are tons better than anything I could ever hope to write and it was just off the top of their heads in a freaken social media post. But C’est la vie.

I have written a full length novel called Jersey Justice (Chapter 1 for a preview). My inspiration was Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum character. It’s about a Bullied boy, Jimmy Vincent, now grown up who “helps” people. He has his hands full with his nutty sister while trying to work and stay sane.

Several of you have read it. I tried shopping it and getting an agent for quite a while several years ago but no bites. Makes it very hard to want to continue writing after that. Submissions by e-mail are easily ignored because agents get thousands of them a day. If you don’t grab their attention immediately that’s the end of the road. Some people just seem to get lucky, there are so many terrible books out there I don’t how they do it. Or rather I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I have several other books started which I occasionally go back to. Ambition is the hardest thing to find when you know that rejection is a good possibility.

With that said my friend Dena (also an aspiring author) has been buzzing in my ear about self-publishing. Amazon has an easy to use website for eBook publishing. My oldest son is taking a crack at editing it right now and then I’ll see about getting it out there.

Along those lines several years ago I sold some short stories of the erotica genre to a website. I have no idea if they ever got used. I had several unfinished ones which I never submitted and with Dena buzzing in my ear again (she ended up doing the editing) I finished the few I had and wrote several more. I then compiled them into a book of short stories (A Thousand Kisses (pen name: Stacy May)) and published them on Amazon. (You may find that I’ve named a character after you…)

Marketing seems to be the key here since it’s all me. So please take a look and buy a copy and review it! Share the link with your friends. Yes, this is absolutely a blatant attempt to try to sell you something! Just do it! (Hope that’s not a copyright infringement…) A Thousand Kisses will brighten your day!

Maybe I’m starting to become a writer more and more but I think until I have a best seller or am writing a regular column for somebody and actually being paid I won’t believe it myself.

Perhaps the key is trying to discover within myself why I want to be a writer.

Until tomorrow…