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Slice 6 of 365



Nope, not that kind of bingo.

This is the kind of bingo that you get in Scrabble by using all the letters in your rack. I’ve been playing Scrabble since I was about eight but I had no idea there was such a thing as a bingo until about five years ago when I started playing on Facebook and my opponent played one.

I used to play with my mom and would always beat her. Then for a long time I didn’t play, just had no one to play with. It certainly was not a cool game to the few friends I had and it’s interesting how much I like to play because spelling is not my forte at all.

Since I’ve started playing online I’ve accumulated close to 200 bingos in just Scrabble. There are two other Scrabble-like games that I also play on Facebook where bingos are also possible. With all three games I’ve had close to 2,800 bingos, my best being “scurried” for 215 points.

Now you might think this is bragging but I assure you it’s not and here’s why. I’m reading a book called “Word Freak” (borrowed from my friend Rachel via Heidi who had it but is at least one book behind). It is a book about the Tournament Scrabble scene and a history of Scrabble and how it’s progressed since its inception during the depression.

So, why the above is not bragging is because I’m a rank amateur compared to these people in the book who have memorized thousands upon thousands of words including seven, eight and nine letter ones (and up) that I’ve never even imagined existed. What they can do with letters in their heads in a split second is astounding.

I’m a little more than halfway through the book and all I want to do now is play Scrabble professionally while I’m fighting the depression that there’s no way I have the stuff to do that.

I’d fit right in though. The Scrabble world seems to attract misfits exclusively.

The book is over ten years old so I don’t know what the current fate of the tournament Scrabble world is right now. There are no local clubs by me, the closest one seems to be in Phoenix. I did see reference in the book about there being a Grand Canyon tournament which I’ll have to look into. I could probably play in the lowest division and at least not lose all my games.

There are national and world tournaments. Apparently, based on the book, there is also a lot of drama, who’d a thunk that?

Thinking I might like to try to start a local club and see what other kind of people are out there. Playing online is much different from playing an actual game. There’s no time limit online generally (I think you can set your game that way if you wish but my games are all just take a turn when you have time), So there is time to really go over the letters.

In tournament Scrabble you only have 25 minutes to finish your game and if you go over in time there are penalty points. There’s a certain amount of stress to go along with that I’m sure. It’s interesting the way they talk about strategy because a lot of what they talk about I’m already doing and thought was just common sense. Also there is a special Scrabble dictionary. There are newsletters, tips, stats and so on.

I suppose it’s just the pattern. I like letters, letters make words, words make sentences and sentences make stories. So I guess Scrabble and writing are just a good pairing for me.

Until tomorrow…