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Slice 5 of 365

Well first off bonus points for whoever can tell me what show the title is from and no googling please.




Time’s up!

Yes it’s from Oliver. Of course it’s from Oliver who in the world doesn’t know that? Common knowledge right? Well it’s common knowledge in my world.

I think about food a lot. I think about what not to eat, what healthy to eat, what unhealthy thing I can eat in moderation. I think about binging, I think about falling in a vat of ice cream. I think about having to eat my way out of truck full of Doritos. I think about retiring in the hostess plant and volunteering as a taste tester. I think about being laid to rest in a chocolate factory.

I think about the necessary exercise to work off one piece of cake. Working off a piece of cake means I’m not working off already existing fat. Hmmmm… Too much for my brain to think about. Besides I’ve just finished a McDonald’s ice cream cone as I type this. Hey, it’s only 170 calories and I burned at least 350 at the gym today. Don’t judge me, or do I don’t give a flying piece of cheesecake. Well don’t waste good cheesecake though.

I’ve been going to the gym for almost two years now and I still have food cravings. It never goes away.



The cravings are reasonably under control but boy are they still there. They are mostly controllable by nothing bad being in the house or only in small quantities. But if I’m at a gathering where there are bowls and plates full of ooey gooey salty goodies of deliciousness I literally (and I mean it literally) can not control myself.

I will dutifully eat the crudités first and then some real food working my way up to a few chips then maybe a few crackers with cheese. By night’s end I’m into my third piece of pie while holding a bag of chips and cookie crumbs on my chin.

Fortunately that doesn’t happen too often. I like the way I look, I like the size of my new clothes, which by the way I still look at and say, “that’s never gonna fit me.”

So I’ve mostly learned to eat better and less. Instead of a normal, whole milk caramel macchiato with extra caramel (which they charge more for by the way) I get a skinny caramel macchiato (160 calories) a couple of times a month instead of almost every day. Basically no fast food at all. Way more home cooking which has turned out to be fun as well.

I think the biggest thing I think about every time I take a bite of anything is the far too many people doing with out. That right there should be enough to quiet my hunger. But I can’t really preach about it without first making sacrifices myself so that’s a subject for another day.

Go rent Oliver, get some good useful trivia knowledge.

Until tomorrow…