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Slice 4 of 365

Flipping through the channels yesterday (yep I do that often) while waiting for Boy’s Town (can’t pass by Spencer Tracy or Mickey Rooney) to start on TCM I ran across a Victor Borge special on PBS.

I remember seeing him on TV when I was a kid. He was a pianist and conductor but oh he was so much more than just that.  His comedy was just timeless although I bet a lot of you are thinking to yourselves, “WHO?”

I remember him mostly from his reading bits. He would read from a book acting out the punctuation marks with great gesticulation and sound effects. Watching as a child I would laugh and laugh and now watching again as an adult it’s a whole different funny.

He would often have fun with a music page turner or some other employee of the performance hall.

He was famous for falling off his piano bench but besides his comedic performance, and he was a hell of an all around performer, he was an amazing musician.

He was also a conductor, one with tremendous style and flair.

He’s still a lot of fun to watch. Today’s post may be a little short but it took hours to write because I was having so much fun watching YouTube videos.

Until tomorrow…