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Slice 2 of 365

Flipping through channels recently I saw something about pumpkin chuckin on the Discovery Channel. Yep, pumpkin chucking, you read that right. And it’s probably similar to what you’re thinking.

There are teams who build catapult type machines along with other types of machines that “chuck” pumpkins for distance. I didn’t watch for long but it was long enough to ascertain that they were doing a list of the best pumpkin chuckers and I caught it at #6, I think out of 20, and that the builders of these grand machines were smart, maybe engineers and such.

One of the things I caught from the narration was that the 2,000 foot barrier had yet to be broken, I presumed he meant distance. Was this a barrier that we felt needed breaking? These are obviously bright people, why are they wasting their time, energy and resources on this I ask myself? He also said of this particular machine it was human-powered and they had been trying for two years.

Two years? Ok maybe I could see a small fun factor to this but two years? I guess some learning could be happening in the process but it seems wildly inefficient.

Having done no research on the subject I wonder if there are web pages dedicated to it. Lo and behold there is, http://punkinchunkin.com. Apparently the world championships did not happen this year but are scheduled for next year in October at Dover International Speedway. If it was closer I would consider going, the site says tickets are only $10.00.

On the site I did notice a youth category. I could see that being a great learning experience for kids plus being a great parent/child project.

Going around the channels for a second time I learned that the non-human powered chuckers (air, catapult, etc.) are trying to break the mile mark. Chucking a pumpkin a mile. I guess there are worse ways to spend your time.

Until tomorrow…