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I love to fly, writing this on a plane. About ten years ago I won a flying lesson in a paper airplane flying contest. My plane went about 76 feet I think was, at least 30 feet past anybody else’s. It was at the local air show, make sense right?

I recall the boys being pretty impressed and thinking it was cool. They were much younger and probably being nice. They went with me for my flying lesson prize though. At the time it was absolutely the most fabulous thing I’d ever done. The instructor let me do everything from taxiing to taking off to almost landing on my own. The experience was very memorable, I hope for the boys too. Love to get a pilot’s license some day if finances ever allow it.

I haven’t flown much lately. I recently went sky diving and being up in the small plane again for that was great. There’s something much more freeing in a smaller plane. Although jumping out of it is pretty damn freeing too! That jump became the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

On a bigger airplane I prefer a window seat which I have right now. There’s something about watching the world go by at 35,000 feet. Grids of streets and houses, waterways snaking their way through the landscape, farmer’s fields and just life in general happening while you fly above it all spying down.

If you can catch a sunrise of sunset while in the air it’s a whole different perspective. Flying in the dark is all consuming, like there couldn’t possibly be anything else out there and suddenly there are glimmering lights shining from the ground below you, beacons of life reminding you of what is on the ground.

My favorite thing over all has to be cloud watching. I mean I love doing that from the ground but being in and above the clouds makes you more a part of it. The sunlight striking the whiteness of the cotton candy like strands from the top creates shades of white and gray just not visible from the ground.

I want to just reach out, grab a handful and taste it. I imagine it to taste like marshmallow. What is really quite fascinating are the shapes the clouds make above what can be seen from the earth. Those sculptures can only be seen from up here. The shadows the clouds cast can be seen differently from here as well because you can see multiple clouds and shadows as opposed to on the ground where you only see the shadow cast on you.

Today the clouds are a spotty ocean of a dozen different whites glistening with sunlight. Some resemble a flock of birds staying in formation. Some are loners off to themselves. Some look like families out for a Sunday walk, two larger clouds with several smaller ones in tow. Mama cloud looking on closely so her baby clouds don’t get involved with the wrong thunderstorm and possibly become a tornado.

The blankets of cotton look like mountaintops from a children’s story when they thicken up. I can see mystical characters hopping from one to another right now. Hmmm, that might be the wine talking…