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Dear mom and dad (and all adults that I grew up with),

Being where I am now in life I understand so many more things than I thought I did as your child. New things come to light daily and the words “they were right again,” grimly escape my lips as I spit them out like acid.

This is just a small smattering of things I understand…

…that listening to the same knock knock joke for an hour is not fun for you (but the giggling is a bonus)
…that you weren’t prying into my life you were truly interested
…that waiting up for me was actually about making sure I was home safe
…why the lights and phone were sometimes shut off
…that you really were tired after work
…that a trip to Disney World was not doable and I understand why
…that turning the lights off when I leave the room is the right thing to do
…that a dripping faucet really does add up
…that my getting my license was one of the scariest things ever for you
…that you adding me to you car insurance was one of the scariest things ever for you
…why you were always telling me to play outside
…that my first love was just that
…that you did have dreams like me
…that my grandparents were not gods, just human
…that you did have a life previous to me
…why you mixed up our names often
…the indescribable stresses and pressures you were sometimes under
…the frustration and longing of the things that passed you by
…that I should have practiced everything more
…that I should have spent more time on my homework
…that I was not always the center of your world
…that mortgage is not a made up word
…that money really does not grow on trees or anywhere else for that matter
…why you didn’t always remember everything I told you
…that taking three children under 7 to Hershey park was NOT the same vacation for you as it was for me AND
…that having the car towed into the campground on that same trip by the farmer/campground owner’s tractor because the transmission died was not the same grand adventure for you that it was for me
…why you love me no matter what

…how hard it is when your children start to leave…