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Wishes are nice to think about. Birthday wishes, last wishes, three wishes, what would you do with yours? What would I do with my wishes?

I’d like to save the world with them is what I’d like to do. I certainly don’t need any credit or accolades for it I just want everybody to be happy, safe, peaceful, fed, clothed and housed. So if I got granted any kind of wish that’s what I would want.

I wonder if I had a selfish wish what I would want and I would still want the same thing. I couldn’t spend the selfish wish on myself if the world isn’t already taken care of.

But let’s say that the rest of the world was taken care of including my kids and family and friends. My first thought I’d have in mind was that I wish I could sing. I’ve mentioned that before and anybody who knows me knows I couldn’t carry a tune if it had a Handel (get it, ha! I crack myself up).

I can be very moved by music and to be able to do that to people seems just amazing. I’ve had and still have a lot of musical friends and I can see the joy it brings to them to perform.

It comes from the heart and soul and if it feels that good listening the feeling of belting it out must be just wonderful. As much as I like that idea I thought maybe the best selfish wish I could possibly have to bring peace and sanity to myself is to be able to turn off my mind whenever the hell I want.

Click. Brain off. Ahhhhh….. That might be the most comforting thought I’ve ever had.