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It always amazes me how fast time gets away from me. It’s been weeks (probably more, I haven’t checked) since I’ve written here. Since I’ve written anything actually except work reports, e-mails and of course Facebook posts.

“Time getting away” is a funny phrase. Like it’s mine to collect in a jar and keep next to my bed for future use. Hell if that was the case I think I’d sell it. Can you imagine on eBay? Selling it in 10 minute increments! Wonder what people would actually pay for extra time?

Talk about screwing up the space time continuum. If somebody buys an hour today and uses it today are they always an hour ahead of everybody else? If you buy 24 hours are you a day in the future?

Where would the extra time come from any way? I mean the time I’m putting in the jar, where would it come from? The only time that could possible be snatched and saved would be this very second, right now.

But if I save that second do I not get to use it now? How could I possibly capture the second I’m currently using? Unless I take somebody else’s time… Plenty of people I could think of who need less time.

Is each persons time individual? I mean there are about six billion people on the planet, are we all using the same second right now or do we each have our own individual time? Are there unused seconds just hanging out there getting wasted? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there getting wasted who are losing seconds…

Wish I had more time to write about this but but I have to go find a jar to put it in first.