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Is there such a thing as wasted love?

If you’ve given your love to the wrong people have you wasted it?

Is there enough love to just be limitless with it?

I can’t imagine love ever being wasted. Misplaced on the wrong people yes but never wasted.

Some good had to come out of loving the people that I shouldn’t have. I don’t want to sound all hippie dippy but the positive waves of love has to be better out there in the universe, even if misplaced, than not out there at all, yes?

And yes, I think there is limitless love out there somewhere, there has to be. Love makes the world go round, right? Or is that money…

So back to misplaced love, if the person you gave it to doesn’t want it where does the love go? Out into the air? Do you get it back? Maybe it just dissolves in that loveless persons presence. Perhaps that’s how evil recharges itself by rebuffing love through people they have control over.

If love is limitless then it shouldn’t matter who you give it to or how much, right?


Giving love costs a great deal when it’s not given back. Even if it can be limitless love needs to be recharged and it gets that boost from being loved back.

It doesn’t have to be fairy tale love. The love of friends and family works just fine. Being loved by your kids is the best. And I absolutely don’t believe it but for my friend Joanne the love from pets as well, happy?

Wasted love… I’m not sure I’ve convinced myself but to think of it as wasted is just too painful so for my own sanity I have to declare for all mankind that no love is ever wasted.

Here endeth the lesson.