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I get disappointed very easily these days. Sometimes it’s my own delusional thinking that gets me there. I’ll have a situation all planned out in my head and when it doesn’t go according to plan it all just comes crashing down. I blame TV and movies for that.

Feeling so beat up as I do currently small disappointments take me for a ride as well. Tonight I tried my Ripped class again. At the end of last year they changed “seasons” and the routines were different. They are much more dancy (in my opinion) now than they were last season.

I was very happy that I could do most everything in class last season and when they changed it and I couldn’t do it I was so frustrated so I didn’t go back. The teacher cornered me while I was on the bike week before last and I said I would try it again which was tonight.

I still couldn’t do it not even the slower modified steps. Of course the class was overflowingly (red squiggly line under that, did I make a new word?) full and all women. I left halfway through with my disappointment through the roof. Now as my friend Sharon would say, this is a first world problem and she’s right.

In the past for any issue, big or small, I would ask myself will it matter in an hour? Will it matter tomorrow? Will in matter next week? Will it matter next month? Will it matter next year? And I adjust (well try to…) my attitude based on the answers to those questions.

On the way home from the gym I came up with a new system, the disappointment meter. It’s a scale from 1 – 20

1 being: out of vanilla wafers

10 being: not getting enough work hours this week

20 being: I find out the woman I’ve been dating is a man, I don’t have bail money for the kids and an asteroid is heading for my house and my house alone

Now I assign all disappointments and/or worries a number and suggested action.

Between 1 and 5 – get a drink of water, shut up and go back to life.

Between 6 and 10 – have a cookie (1 for 6 and 7, 2 for all others) breath in, breath out

Between 11 and 15 – get a Starbucks (non skinny for 14 and 15), check the bank account

Between 16 and 20 – get the Bailey’s out, make sure the car is gassed up and the passports are up to date

Today’s disappoint I would say was less than 1. I went for Starbucks anyway but it was before I had the system down on paper so don’t judge me! I might get disappointed if you judge me.

What number would that be…