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I have been thinking a lot these days about things I want vs. things I need.

Things I need are food, clothing and shelter as far as I can gather. What level of those needs I really need is open to wide interpretation. I only need a certain amount of nutrition so I don’t really need to waste money on snacks or more expensive meats and such and definitely not restaurant food. I could certainly live off much cheaper food and maybe even healthily if I put my mind to it.

I never pay full price for clothes unless I had no choice but to replace something immediately. My kids will tell you I haven’t paid more than $15.00 for a pair of pants in my adult life. I did recently pay $19.00 I think for jeans but I had a gift card. I have a good amount of clothes but only because I don’t pass up a great sale (at least 60% off…) and I take good care or my clothes.  I have clothes older than my 22-year-old son.

Housing is slightly more complicated because moving is such an overwhelming pain. I already don’t need all the space and land I have right now. It’s a quandary I haven’t been able to make any decision about. Besides with my daughter still here I have several more years to think about it.

I’ve whittled my wants down to virtually nothing. The last thing I got that I didn’t need was an iPad and it was used plus I use it everyday. I certainly have other devices already in the house that I could use instead so it was totally a want and not a need at all,

All these things make me question how to live my life.

Why should I have so much when most of the people of the world don’t even have the basic necessities?

Is it selfish to live the way I want to while so many suffer?

Is there a reasonable mix of living and helping?

Too many questions and more building in my brain every minute of every day.

Will I ever figure it all out? I seriously doubt it. Nobody ever will.

There has to better way though, doesn’t there?