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Another long span of time since I’ve written.  It’s the same reason as in the past but starting now again seems different. Some new light seems to be coming in the window and I want to use it while it’s still bright and present.

I’ve discovered this week, well rediscovered, what an amazing support system I have.  Much of it due to Facebook. Old and new friends, some whom I’ve never even met in person, had my back when I got very honest.

It was overwhelming to have so much support especially from friends who I know have their own issues to deal with but were there at the ready with words of wisdom, support and love.

2500 miles away and more and it felt like they were right here. The kind of trust and faith in people that I’m afraid I’ve lost was all right there and could have been sooner had I reached out more.

I imagine it will take a long, long time but perhaps I’ve bottomed out and now the climb can begin again. I’m not certain at all of course, second winds come and go but like I said this feels different this time.

I’m going to try and write more often again.  Not sure about any particular subject except just to do it and see what comes out.  I have friends whose Facebook posts are better than the best thing I’ve ever written but I’m not supposed to compare myself to other people. Besides people like to read different things so I’ll just push on through and see where it leads.

Besides the best revenge is to live well, right? I’m only hurting myself and the people around me. She couldn’t care less and it’s no skin off her lying, cheating, bitch, nose whether I live or die.

So let the climb begin. I’ve fallen enough where it will no longer hurt.