Well I guess I’m not exactly pumping iron but I did join a local gym and have been consistently going for over a month now.  Changing my eating habits as well and so far I’m down nine pounds and I’m noticing less flab, presumably new muscle, where there wasn’t any before.

I’m just glad I’ve been able to keep up the momentum.  Filling an emotional hole with food has always been my pattern.  Last night Becca was out at a sleepover and I was all alone on Friday night watching TV.  Took a lot of strength to not go out and buy a whole grocery cart full of junk food.  I think my friend Laura (a Zumba instructor in Jersey by the way…) reached out 2,500 miles and pulled be back in the door that I literally had my foot out of.

Many of my friends and family have been sooooooooooooooo helpful at keeping me on track including Laura, Mike, Joey, both Samantha’s, Rachelle, Stephanie and lots of Facebook buddies.  Every time I post in Facebook I mostly get positive, reassuring comments in between the sarcastic ones, you know who you are…

Laura turned me onto myfitnesspal.com which is great for tracking calories and exercise.  I highly recommend it.  Also if you’re in North Jersey go take Laura’s class, she’ll sweat your butt off!

I’ve heard time and time again that exercising is suppose to make you feel happy.  The only time I’m happy is when it’s over!  I dread going.  When I’m there I’m not exactly glad that I’m there but I’m glad that I won’t feel guilty later about NOT going.

I’m still waiting for the food cravings to go away too.  It’s been over a month since I started eating better but I still crave the junk food, cake, pie, cookies, chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc.  Is it like being an alcoholic or drug addict where that never goes away?  Or is that still emotional response that I need to find another way to deal with?  Which apparently exercising doesn’t help with…

I’ve discovered three groups at the gym.  The retired folks, the muscle people and then people like me.

The retired folks are great.  I love watching them work out especially when they’re doing more weight than me!  There a couple of men who do more weight than I do, less reps but more weight.  Maybe they’re just trying to show off.  These are the people who talk the most to me.  I seem to attract them.  When I worked at the bank 25 years ago they all wanted me to help them. They are all nice people though and seem to be there mostly in the mornings when I’m there.

The muscle people are a bit intimidating but so far I haven’t really seen any jerks.  I’ve asked several of them questions and they’ve always been very nice.  There are a couple of women in this group and I don’t want to be sexist at all but they seem to LOVE the attention afforded them…  I see these people mostly on the weekends, presumably they come after work.

And then my group. Overweight people just starting out.  I watch them learning the equipment and figuring out what they can currently endure.  I’m curious how long they will last.  I’ve already lasted longer than I thought I would.  Funny how $36 a month is enough of a motivator!

It’s interesting how many couples come in from all the groups.  There seems to be a small core group who have been going for a long time and know each other no matter what group they are from.  There is some talking amongst them but other than that just smiles, nods and “good mornings,” occasionally.  Sometimes I feel like it’s an elevator where you’re not supposed to look at anybody.

Getting out of the house has been a nice side benefit and even though it’s not a lot of conversation interacting with people is helpful.  I’ll do my best to keep going and maybe when shorts and t-shirt season starts I’ll be more inspired!