I don’t like to waste food.  Left overs in my house get eaten or used for other purposes.  Inevitably every year after Thanksgiving (this year Christmas) there is left over turkey.  The first thing I do is take most of the remaining meat off the bone and then make turkey stock.  I take some of the meat for turkey soup and put the rest in the freezer.

I try to do different things with it besides just serving heated turkey.  Once or twice I have used it to make turkey quesadillas. Joey bestowed on that creation the moniker of “the most disgusting thing ever placed in front of him”.   His first year of college for English 101 he had to write a descriptive paper and wrote about the turkey quesadillas.  I believe I had to actually make them again so that he could remember the horrible experience.

So yesterday with Joey in mind I took leftover turkey out of the freezer for today’s dinner and a new creation.  I noticed a packet of taco seasoning on the pantry so my mind starting rolling maybe I could make some kind of taco, turkey, macaroni, cheesy thing.

I put water on for the pasta (I used elbows). I diced some onions and green peppers and sauteed them.  I added broccoli as well for veggies that Becca would eat so I cut small florets and boiled them about five minutes to soften them up.  While the broccoli is simmering I pulled leftover turkey apart.  Tossed some minced garlic into the saute pan, the broccoli and then the turkey.  Added the taco seasoning and stirred to incorporate all.

In another pot I heated some milk, butter, Parmesan, Mexican cheese blend (to stay with the theme) and some white cheddar sent for Christmas (thanks Oma, taunte Ute and uncle Ron!)  I also added some pepper and chili powder.

When the pasta was done I drained it, added the turkey mixture and then the cheese sauce.  Stirred it all up and then put it in a casserole dish and baked it for 20 minutes at 350.  Added some more shredded cheese to the top and baked about five more minutes.

Ironically Joey is not here but there are leftover leftovers in the freezer now.

I liked it but the kids always say that I like my cooking but Becca had seconds so I think I can call this one a success.  At least until Joey comes home and says it sucks. 🙂