Since all the kids were home we went today to have a family portrait done.  Every time we’re together I want to get a photo of us and I forget.  Even now Mike is gone already and besides the picture at Sears today I totally forgot to get one of all of us or even one of the three of them in front of the tree.

The boys were ok with the picture today and even a clothes color theme was fine with them.  Getting Becca on board though, whoa…  Apparently she’s not very fond of being in pictures which is too bad because she has a beautiful smile.  It’s too bad sometimes that words escape from the beautiful smile.  Unfortunately Santa did NOT bring a new attitude for her.

She finally agreed, I think the boys may have threatened her life, not exactly sure.

The photographer was late but that was really the only hitch.  She was nice, didn’t try to oversell me and did exactly what we asked.  So all in all can’t really complain and we finally have a nice family picture at a reasonable price.

Where to put it will be the next challenge.  Fortunately that’s my own decision.

Trying to pick a place for lunch was a bigger battle, geez.  Becca can be a bit of a diva but at the same time the boys pick on her and she feels like she has to fight back.  It’s a vicious circle with no end in sight.

Finally decided on pizza and a mostly quiet lunch.

All to have a family portrait.  Guss I need to watch out what I wish for in the future!