We all have reasonable daily expectations.  We expect to go to the grocery store and be safe.  We expect to go to dinner and be safe.  We expect to go to a move and be safe.  And we expect to send our children to school and they will be safe.

Reasonable expectations were not met yesterday…

I heard about it but didn’t believe it, didn’t want to believe it.

Turning to CNN I still couldn’t believe it.

I really believe that people die when they’re supposed to but the manner of these deaths and the number of children is beyond unsettling.

It didn’t take long for people to start talking about gun control and mental health.  The vultures circled their wagons quickly.

Even with the most stringent laws you can’t stop life from happening.  And that’s from a person who thinks guns should be banned and healthcare should be free.

The tragedy in all this is the children and a community wounded that will never heal correctly, ever.

We all hugged our kids a little tighter yesterday and were glad they were alive.  With that said I also felt guilty that my kids were safe while 20 sets of parents world’s were blown to pieces not to mention the families of the adult victims.

How about we just let this one go? We all agree to disagree on the politics of an unimaginable national tragedy and lets just mourn with the families and the community who need every drop of hope, caring and support that they can get right now.

There are 26 new angels nodding agreement right now…