When December rolls around there are always arguments about who gets to do what.  With the boys away at school the arguments have become about when we do it.

Joey came home this weekend but not for too long so I cajoled him into putting up the tree because that’s his thing, that and the lights.  If he had the power he’d put runway lights on the tree.

Mike’s thing is putting the Pluto ornament on the tree.  He’s done it every year since he knew who Pluto was. 

Becca is always complaining that she wants to do it and doesn’t have a thing.  Today she found her thing, putting up the Christmas village.  Thank heavens she has a thing now.

The star will be a battle though with the outcome being that all three of them do it when Mike finds his way home at some point. 

Every year (except the last several which is being remedied this year) we all get one Hallmark ornament with the theory being that when the kids move out they will take those ornaments with them.  Well Mike took his ornaments this year for the tree in his apartment.  As sad as it was to see them go it was wonderful to see the fulfillment of that intended goal and that next generation move on where I hope the tradition will continue in their families.

Empty nest isn’t quite here yet but the signs are alive that the change is in the air and there is no turning back.