Yesterday I entered my late forties, according to my version of age that is.  It’s just a number any way.  Fighting it isn’t really an option because losing is the reality.  I suppose you can fool the outside world but not your body or mother nature.  What the sense, more people should act there age anyway these days.

It was a nice quiet day spent with myself.  First time ever I didn’t get to see the boys on my birthday.  Got Becca to the bus stop, a quick trip to the grocery store and some Facebook time and checked movie times just in case the mood hit me.  Then off to breakfast at Gabby’s with my current book (Ford County by John Grisham, also from Autum), chili omelet, hash browns and biscuit and gravy, what the hell it was my birthday.

Off to Prescott with a full belly to hit some antique stores.  Prices are outrageous (translation tourist prices) but I found a 70s hardcover of Jonathon Livingston Seagull. Stacy gave it to me to read in high school and Mike read it when he was young so I thought I would give it to Becca for Christmas.

A little tired after two stores so I went to the movies and saw Argo. Ate an entire extra large popcorn but again what the hell.  Movie was good.  I haven’t seen a movie alone in many, many moons.  Wasn’t too bad during the day, I was afraid it would be depressing but there weren’t that many people and they were all seniors.  I think that was actually the depressing part…

Went home and waited for Becca and while waiting my friend Rachelle said she and her daughter were coming over with presents.  So after presents were opened they took us to Subway.

All in all a nice day.  And lots of birthday wishes on Facebook.  Planning to be in Paris sipping champagne on the Eiffel Tower for my 50th so Melissa get ready!