I have just been bombarded with work lately and have had very little time to write, which I suppose from a monetary point of view is a good thing but I am completely burned out.

Joey got his license this week.  Seems odd… He’s so different from Michael at that age.  Mike has always been mature.  Not that Joey is immature.  I just see him as more child like.  He still has an air of innocence about him.

But with that said he surprises me all the time with things he’ll say or do.  Watching Jeopardy he’ll get answers I wouldn’t think he’d ever know.  News items I wouldn’t think he’d have any interest in he gives me intelligent, well thought out opinions.  The things he’ll do for his sister (when they’re not fighting…).

He’s also not as good a driver as Mike was at the age, guess I’m just worried that he’s not as ready.  Hopefully being on the road by himself will make him more aware.  On the flip side of that though he was able to learn to drive a stick which Mike has yet to master.

A little less than seven years before I have to worry about Becca…