Life is full of games.  Some intentional and some not so intentional. 

How do you tell the difference?

I’m a HUGE flirt, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle…

I’m awful at telling the difference and if it’s subtle forget it, I’m just totally lost.  And it’s not that subtlety eludes me it’s just that with something like that you kind of want to be sure.

Such a fine line between dancing the dance and just being direct.  The dance is fun and sexy but nerve-racking and can be full of disappointment.  Being direct puts it all right out there but the thrill and romance can get lost.

Then the big kicker.  You are upfront, direct and honest and get no response but she keeps coming back and never tells you to stop… Then what?? Take it that one step further and really dive over the cliff? Or keep it to yourself and never know?

Might hurt but never knowing seems like the worse of the two evils, in theory at least.

I’d really love to hear from the women on this.  When do we know that it’s serious, “yes I like you” flirting as opposed to just fun flirting or you just being nice?