First I’d like to thank Katie Johnson for giving me just that little push I needed to try this out again, we’ll see what happens… Thanks Katie!

This particular post is for Sam who wanted a slice.

A lot has happened in the last year which I’m not going to go into.  I’m starting from the Dr. Oz show and moving forward.

Due to all the snow on the east coast and the approaching storm we were asked to go down to Phoenix on Wednesday night and take an early flight Thursday morning so we could beat the snow, which we did.  A car picked us up at 7:00, we arrived at the hotel around 9:00 and were in bed by 10:00 to get up at 4:20.

As much as it felt rushed and overwhelming there was an air of excitement about being whisked off.

The wake up call came much too soon.  It felt like I had just laid my head down.  I got myself ready before waking frick and frack, which was a feat unto itself.  We head downstairs to a  mostly full 5:00 shuttle and off to Sky Harbor airport.

The woman in front of us was also going to NY and her flight had been changed, so panic set it in but it turned out she was going to Albany through JFK and our direct flight was just fine.  Inside and through security to the gate in about 20 minutes.  Now time to kill.  Starbucks run, bathroom run, dad I’m bored, dad I’m tired, is it time to go yet? When are we boarding?  Look at my watch, too early for the bars to be open yet…

We board around 6:40 and get settled.  Take off is on time and we’re on our way.  I sleep and read, the kids argue, watch the movie, play video games and read as well.  I’m hungry, I’m thirsty.  Snacks out of the carry on, PB&J’s follow, drinks off the cart.

My mind is running a million miles an hour and unfortunately not just about the show.

We land early at JFK and deplane with no trouble.  Right out of the jetway I can smell the hustle and bustle, the energy of the city just washes over us whether we want it to or not.

Bathroom break before baggage.  Downstairs we find our driver before the conveyor belt has even started.  I ask him if there’s a White Castle on the way to the hotel and he says he can find one.  Joey finds our bag while I’m making food plans and off we go.

As promised our driver has made our day and we run out into the rain for sliders and five minutes later we’re back in the SUV gobbling them down before we hit the Tri-boro bridge.  Step one of our food mission is complete.

30 minutes later we’re checking into the hotel.  We get to the suite,  Joey goes right for the TV, Becca has to see and touch everything and I just collapse for a few minutes wondering what the hell I got myself into.

I suggest a walk so we can see what’s what.  Not the best idea of the day… The snow is coming down hard now, the wind is blowing and our feet are getting soaked.  We only make it around the block and our coats are covered in wet, heavy snowflakes.  Except Joey’s because he only brought a thin hoodie instead of listening to me…  Not a total wasted trip, we spotted Chinese for dinner and a bagel place for breakfast, two more steps to filling our food mission.

Back to the room to dry off and just rest for a while.  Joey is having Olympic withdrawal anyway.  Chinese food a little later and then back to vegging.  I’m craving some alone time but not able to get any so I go for a walk around 9:00.  Still awful outside and now very windy but I didn’t care.  I went the other way this time, down two blocks, then left one and started back because of the weather and then I stopped.  Sniff… Sniff… I was near a bakery!

Down another block and I see it.  Inside I immediately see cannolis in the glass case.  Score!  Another notch in the food pole.  Back to the room and suddenly I’m a hero, small victories.  Cannolis swallowed almost whole and then bed.

I’m up early the next morning, didn’t sleep that well.  Got dressed and picked up the bagels before anybody was up.  Ate, ironed my clothes while I watched West Wing and then headed for the shower.  The one place I could be alone and finally breakdown.  Took the clock radio from the bedroom just to make sure nobody could hear me.  30 minute shower, 25 minute cry.

Dressed and ready by 11:00, the car was coming at 11:55.  Enough time to talk to Autum for a while.  She wasn’t having the greatest day but as usual she was right there for me anyway…

The car was on time and we were at Rockefeller Center in less than ten minutes.  We were met outside and then inside to security.  Then upstairs and we waited a while there because the first taping was later due to the snow.  Our field producer Laura was with us almost the entire time.  She brought the kids gifts, her and Becca really hit it off.  They ordered us lunch and then we got hair and makeup while they were getting the dressing room ready.  There was a lot of waiting around with short bursts of activity, sign this, I’m miking you now, hi I’m so and so.

Finally Dr Oz came in to say hello.  Very nice man, down to earth, spent time getting to know us for a few minutes and Becca liked him.  More waiting around.  Finally time to go on.  We go back stage and watch as they start the show.  After several minutes they take us out and get us set on stage and tell us what’s going to happen.  We watch the back story that they came out to do.  Hours of taping cut down to just over two minutes.  It was good.  I thought it would be better.  I guess I just had it pictured in my mind differently.

After that ran Dr Oz. asked a couple of questions and that was the end of our part.  We got put in the front row while one more guest for this segment went and then we went back to out dressing room.  Several people talked to me right after that but I couldn’t for the life of me even tell you if they were human let alone what they said, I just needed to sit before I fell over at that point.   More waiting around until the whole show was finished taping.  We could have left but we wanted to get a picture.

I don’t really know what I was expecting but it seemed so anticlimactic at that point.

The producer mentioned that someone in the audience said they knew me and they had seen it on Facebook but I never did find out who it was…

After we left the studio we went back to the hotel just for a bit and then walked just a couple of blocks to have pizza with Marshall and Liz.   One more food item checked off.  Had fun with them.  Liz had a bag of goodies for Becca, they hit it off very well too.  They took us to Seprendipity III for ice cream after that and walked us back to our hotel.  We were all pretty spent after the day. Everybody fell asleep pretty quickly.

Saturday morning I was up early again, packing this time because some relatives from Jersey were trekking in through the snow and I wanted to be all ready.  We went to breakfast with all of them, back to the bakery.  Not the brightest idea, it was much smaller than I had really noticed the night I was there, so we went back and ate in the hotel lobby.

Then off to Dylan’s Candy Bar! Courtesy of Marshall and Liz.  I think that may have been my favorite part of the whole trip except coming home.  Three floors of candy, fudge and ice cream.  Still had some time left after that so we found a Dunkin Donuts for Joey, another check mark for the food scavenger hunt.  Only thing I didn’t get was my knish.

Back to the hotel, a bit more visiting and they all took off so we could finish getting ready.  Car was coming at 1:00.

Got to JFK just fine after the driver tried to drop us at the wrong terminal.  Flight was uneventful, no movie didn’t help that at all…  Picked up in Phoenix no problem except that this driver had forgotten where he parked…

Home two hours later at 10:00 to find that Mike, who had come home from school while were away, had locked a dead bolt that I didn’t have the key too.  Joey had to climb in through Mike’s window that I had to rip the screen off of unfortunately.

And then it was over…

Hard to say how I feel.  Ultimately I hope it was a good thing all around.  If I had to do it again I don’t think I would, I just want it to be over now…

Today I mentioned to someone that I thought I might feel a little closure now and she said I’m not sure you’ll ever get closure.  Not sure what I was looking for but for some strange reason I just feel so very empty right now…

I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support, you were all so great, Laura and Autum especially…

So… That’s that…